A regenerative approach

to personal and planetary wellness,

beginning with CBD.

Luna Volta is a plant-based wellness company committed to honoring our planet.


The Luna Volta Difference

Our Philosophy: Luna Volta is founded on three guiding principles that inform every decision we make: quality, design, and planet.



From the earth up, we start with the highest quality ingredients that are grown using best practices. We work with small organic farms in the USA that believe in using regenerative agriculture growing practices. (Hemp can be used as a cycle crop to help regenerate soil for future crops.)

Additionally, we third party test all of our products to ensure potency of cannabinoids, terpenes and to verify there are no pesticides or residual solvents present.



A high quality product deserves thoughtful and beautiful packaging that can be proudly displayed next to your couch, on your coffee table, on your nightstand, in your smoothie cabinet, or next to your favorite beauty products.



We first need to regenerate before we can sustain. Every decision from sourcing to packaging is made with the planet in mind. We strive for recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable packaging options wherever possible and are constantly updating our processes. Please recycle, reuse, and/or plant our boxes.


The name ‘Luna Volta’ roughly translates to ‘Moon Time.’

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About us

Welcome to Luna Volta. We are a woman-owned, plant-based wellness company committed to honoring our planet.

Inspired by the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars, 'Luna Volta' roughly translates to 'Moon Time'. Luna Volta is for lovers of life, our planet, and beyond.

Our mission has three pillars: Quality, Design, & Planet


Find us where the land meets the sea.

Born in beautiful San Diego, CA

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