Our Story


Luna Volta is a plant-based wellness company committed to honoring our planet.

Inspired by the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars, 'Luna Volta' roughly translates to 'Moon Time'.

Luna Volta is for lovers of life, our planet, and beyond.


Luna Volta is founded on three guiding principles: quality, design, and sustainability.


From the earth up, we start with the highest quality ingredients that are grown using best practices. We work with small organic farms in the USA that believe in using regenerative agriculture growing practices. 

Additionally, we third party test all of our products to ensure potency of cannabinoids, terpenes and to verify there are no pesticides or residual solvents present.


A high quality product deserves thoughtful and beautiful packaging that can be proudly displayed next to your couch, on your coffee table, on your nightstand, in your smoothie cabinet, or next to your favorite beauty products.



We first need to regenerate before we can sustain. Every decision from sourcing to packaging is made with the planet in mind. We strive for recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable packaging options wherever possible and are constantly updating our processes.

Please recycle, reuse, and/or plant our boxes.


Origin Story

Inspired by the Moon, the Earth, and the Stars, Luna Volta was born from time spent on the road exploring the beauty on our planet, Earth. Founder Kayla Clements spent the summer of 2017 on a #vanlife journey camping, hiking, and exploring her way through nine states and twelve of America’s National Parks.  From the world's longest slot canyon in the deserts of Utah to the giant old-growth trees in the Pacific Northwest to the rocky cliffs of California, Luna Volta was ideated surrounded by the natural beauty of our Earth.  Standing upon the top of Glacier National Park at a star party in Montana, where Kayla was able to view the Andromeda Galaxy through a giant telescope and then with the naked eye, her appreciation for our tiny world within a vast solar system was amplified.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
— John Muir, "Father of the National Parks"

After gaining this newfound perspective, Kayla left her bustling life in New York City, and opted for a newly aligned west coast life in San Diego. Kayla shifted her focus towards her own health + wellness, signed up for her first 5k, began experimenting with her own at home herbal remedies and superfood smoothies, and was first introduced to the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). When she was unable to find a high quality brand that she connected with and trusted, the seed was planted to start her own company.

Kayla throughout her #vanlife experience touring nine states and twelve of America’s National Parks

Kayla throughout her #vanlife experience touring nine states and twelve of America’s National Parks

Image taken by Kayla Clements at a campground host station in Glacier National Park, MT

Image taken by Kayla Clements at a campground host station in Glacier National Park, MT

Kayla spent a year and a half immersing herself into the industry - diving into cannabis and hemp science, earning her Cannabis Science Certification from Sativa Science Club, trying all of the various forms of CBD on the market, sampling from organic farms across the US, formulating and learning what to look for in third party lab testing to ensure highest, cleanest quality, comparing eco-friendly packaging options, networking and attending industry events.

Luna Volta officially launched on the Lunar New Year in early 2019.

Meet the Founder

With a background in marketing and design, Kayla Clements spent a near decade working in the fashion industry in New York City. In 2017, she opened her first business, a creative design studio that specializes in working with photographers, stylists, and artist management agencies. Here she is able to flex her creativity by working one-on-one with clients to define their brand strategy, curate their portfolios, and design branded assets. After a 60 day stint of #vanlife across America’s National Parks, Kayla realized she wanted to help people in their daily lives and to make a bigger impact on protecting our planet. Luna Volta was born out of Kayla’s desire to blend her lens of fashion and design with her passion for sustainability into the wellness space.

Kayla is

Kayla Clements, Founder + CEO

Kayla Clements, Founder + CEO