CBD 101 at Glow Apothecary

We facilitated a CBD 101 Q+A at Glow Apothecary in Virginia Beach, VA with our Founder + CEO Kayla Clements.

Some of the topics we covered:
Where does CBD come from and how does it interact with our bodies Endocannabinoid System (ECS). 

Hemp vs cannabis.

What are terpenes and the entourage effect. 

Full spectrum vs. broad spectrum vs CBD isolate. 

Various ways to consume CBD. 

And some tips for what to look for when shopping CBD products. 

Thank you everyone for coming with your questions! 

GLOW believes in fueling your body, nourishing your skin and feeding your soul with products that are clean, sustainable, free of toxins and harmful chemicals. ♻️ Be sure to pop in to GLOW for the best in CBD, clean beauty, & wellness. Thank you Sarah for hosting and facilitating our CBD conversation. 


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