Wild Spirits Rising Retreat

We were honored to collaborate on a magical retreat Wild Spirits Rising in southern CA with Circadian Gatherings.
We gathered in nature to unplug from the hustle and practice some much-needed self-care. Activities included:
⚡️ Organic farm tour
⚡️ Meditative movement
⚡️ @lunavolta DIY CBD chocolate learnshop hosted by our founder Kayla
⚡️ Organic lunch from the farm
⚡️ Sage bundling
⚡️ Partner work & movement
⚡️ Farm to table dinner
⚡️ Dancing under the stars
⚡️ Epic wellness & CBD goodie bags (over $300 value)
⚡️ New mindful connections and conversation

During our DIY CBD chocolate learnshop, we covered topics like What is CBD?, How does it work with our bodies own endocannabinoid system?. How much do I take?, What do I look for when I shop for CBD?, What is full spectrum vs. broad spectrum vs. isolate, What are terpenes? Each attendee then made their own CBD antioxidant-rich chocolate topped with their choices of cacao nibs, goji berries, freeze dried raspberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, and fresh berries.

All attendees left with their own vial of NOVA and one of our CBD bath bombs inside an epic wellness goodie bag valued at over $300.

Circadian Gatherings creates nourishing experiences so that you can unplug from the hustle and connect with the rhythm of yourself. Through curated communal experiences, they create space for women to gather and show up exactly as they are. Thank you to everyone for coming and to our gracious hosts for organizing this magical gathering. The retreat took place at Bear Valley Organics, an organic, biodynamic farm in Escondido, CA.

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